Gaddafi’s family was living in Oran state’s residence


Echorouk Online - News of Muamar Gaddafi’s family decision to leave Algeria raised a large controversy in the world, especially about the country which Gaddafis chose as a future direction, and at the time the embassy of Amman in Libya refuted the news of receiving Gaddafis on Amman territories, and the Libyan Foreign Minister confirmed that Amman received them as political refugees, Algeria continues keeping secrecy on the direction which they chose, but Echorouk sources confirmed the news about their final departure from Algeria, after they were living in one of the state’s residences in Oran, west, during their presence in Algeria.


Echorouk sources added that the Gaddafis left the state’s residence in Oran, which was allocated for their reception, where they found all the necessary circumstances to live in peace, including security.


Same sources asserted that the family took its decision to leave Algeria, adding that this decision came as a result of the measures that were prepared by the Algerian authorities for the Gaddafis residence.


It seems that the secrecy which was adopted by Algeria on the Gaddafis departure was because Algeria did not want to disturb Libya and the country which received them, as after five months of their departure, Algeria’s ambassador in Libya announced the news, thing which raised controversy on the reasons which pushed Algeria to keep their departure as a secret, as the answer came in the time Amman announced on their reception, at a time Amman’s embassy in Libya said the opposite.


Statement by the media office of Amman embassy, published by the Anathol news agency, Amman authorities heard news about receiving Gaddafis and refuted it, asserting that there are no contacts with the Libyan authorities on this matter.


By: Samira Belamri, Echorouk Online


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