Algeria Snubs Morocco’s “Temporarily” Opening Border Request


Algeria has officially rejected a request made by the neighboring Morocco to open “temporarily” the 18 years closed border for a local cycling tournament, as the organizers have scheduled the locality of Meghnia, near the border with Morocco, among the tournament’s stages.


Official sources at the Ministry of Sport told Echorouk reporter that Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia has notified the Minister of Sport, El Hachemi Djiar, to inform his Moroccan counterpart that Algeria rejects to open the border, which has been closed since 1994.


Morocco’s Ministry of Sport has sent the request in December ahead of the cycling tournament scheduled between 23 March and 1 April 2012, but Mr Djiar said such a decision does not depend on him, as Prime Minister or President are the only state officials who can decided on.


Yet, Algerian authorities acted differently in 2008, when they opened “temporarily” the border for the humanitarian aid caravan to Gaza, led by former British MP George Galloway.


This rejection intervenes with the 2 day visit of the newly appointed Moroccan Foreign Minister, Saad-Eddine El Othmani, to Algiers, on Monday.


Source: Echorouk Online

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